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Roof lanterns and glazed roofs

Lightweight roof lanterns that spoil applications with natural light

A high performance, semi-unitised aluminium system that helps better introduce floods of light from above the home, our roof lanterns are a great fix for homeowners looking to transform their dark and dismal living spaces. They are quickly becoming a popular feature amongst many home improvement projects in the UK with aluminium being the lightweight material of choice.

Benefitting greatly from the use of a thermally broken system, our aluminium roof lanterns are great for letting the light in and keeping the cold out. Wherever high performance and a light, airier atmosphere is required, our roof lanterns do a terrific job at brightening any building.

Lantern roof features

  • Wholly effective at creating the appearance of a larger living space
  • Capable of being installed and fitted onto any property’s existing flat roof
  • Lightweight aluminium frame ensures swift installation in a near limitless range of RAL powder coated colours
  • Reduces the home’s energy usage by cutting out the need to power artificial lighting
  • Aesthetically pleasing design that doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment
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Completely customisable

Although a subtle Dark Grey or Off White is a great choice for making your project’s roof lantern noticeably more distinct and bold, should you wish to be a little more creative with your style choice both homeowners and developers can rest easy knowing that our colour range is extensive. From elegant Dark Blues to eye-catching Chartwell Greens, we have a shade for every occasion and taste.

Our dual-colouring services make it possible for you to project contrasting tones either side of your projects new aluminium roof lantern. This is particularly ideal for when a property is required to project different inner and outer personalities, assuring that the existing or reinvented aesthetics are never disrupted, instead blending them together seamlessly.

Roof lantern colours are bold, distinctive but perhaps most importantly, they are guaranteed to last. Using high quality powder coating which sees your colour choice sufficiently heated onto the aluminium profile, there’s never any risk of fading, discolouring or shades losing their vibrancy over time.

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Most popular colours for this product
  • Gloss white Colour

    Colour: White
    Range: RAL Colour

  • Gloss of white Colour

    Colour: Off White
    Range: RAL Colour

  • Grey Colour

    Colour: Grey
    Range: RAL Colour

  • Dark Grey Colour

    Colour: Dark Grey
    Range: RAL Colour

  • Airforce Grey Colour

    Colour: Anthracite Grey
    Range: RAL Colour

A stylish and low maintenance aluminium roof solution

Sleek ridges and reduced 50mm sightlines featured in the system’s aluminium frame assures that any natural light hitting the property always has an easy time entering the space. Especially when combined with our bespoke glazing services, each roof lantern supplied by our team always makes for an attractive and stylish aesthetic finish that will stay looking good well into the future.

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